August 2021

What is the uniform?


The Club provides each player with a uniform consisting of shorts, shirt and socks. The cost of this uniform was included in your recreational registration fee.

What is the uniform?2021-08-05T15:41:16-07:00

What are my responsibilities as a parent?


You are responsible for getting your child to practices, games, and other team functions on time (for games, this often means at least 30 minutes prior to game time), picking up your child promptly afterwards, and support your child and the team with a positive manner. Enjoy the time with your children!

What are my responsibilities as a parent?2021-08-05T15:25:00-07:00

Are there recreational tournaments?


The Club runs intra-divisional tournaments for players 11U and older that encompass the last two weeks of the regular season with championship matches the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving.

Are there recreational tournaments?2021-08-05T15:18:25-07:00

Does the club have an All-Star program?


Yes! There are also All Star teams formed by birth year starting at 8U and participate in 2 local tournaments in December. Potential All Star players are nominated by their coach and are then required to attend a team try-out to make the all-star team.

Does the club have an All-Star program?2021-08-05T15:13:37-07:00
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